Dr. Angela Carpenter is a Senior Researcher and Engagment Manager
Angela has been a Research Fellow at School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds since obtaining her PhD from that University in May 2005. Her main areas of interest are marine environmental policy and governance, marine pollution from ships, and ports policy in the European Union.
Dr Carpenter's PhD work examined the development of European Legislation (Directive 2000/59/EC on Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues) to prevent illegal discharges of wastes into the marine environment. Dr Carpenter continues to undertake work in the area of marine environmental policy and governance and continues to undertake research in that field and has forthcoming a book chapter looking at International Governance of the Marine Environment.

Most recently, Dr Carpenter has acted as Academic Advisor on EU-funded project with Europe Economics, London. The project is reviewing the Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues Directive (2000/59/EC) with the aim of developing new policy objectives, alongside retention or abrogation of the Directive. She is involved in the preparation of various reports to the Commission, attending meetings in Brussels and London, liaising with various members of the project team, conducting interviews with representatives of EU sea ports, and was also involved with the development of an online stakeholder consultation tool. She is currently involved in the development of policy options to be put forward to the Commission. It is anticipated that the new Directive will be signed in the third quarter of 2012.
Jordi Llobet is a Researcher
Jordi holds a Bachelors in Informatics and a Masters in Sustainability. He has worked as a research assistant at the Polytechnical  University of Catalunya (UPC), Spain. Currently, he is also a visiting scholar at the University of Leeds.
Jordi has been involved in the GASU 2011 project to prepare the first draft of the sustainability report of the University of Leeds.

Bojana Marjanovic is a Junior Researcher
Bojana is currently finishing her BA in Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia, majoring in Finance, banking and insurance.
She has been involved in many activities and organizations. Bojana has more than four years of nonprofit program management experience, working for several nonprofits with focus on environment, education and youth development.

She has been a member of:
  • AIESEC (
  • Young Researchers of Serbia ( 
As a member of executive board, project manager and team member in AIESEC she gained knowledge and experience in team management, project management and organizational management. She also took an active participation in several international and national conferences on different topics as a delegate, team member and facilitator.
Bojana has participated in five short-term international volunteer projects, known as International Workcamps, which bring together people from around the world who are interested in helping create a better world.
Bojana is involved in the project exploring the inter-linking issues and dimensions in sustainability reporting in companies