New Projects

We have finished the analysis of the BSc in Environmental and BSc in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in collaboration with Mary Katherine Watson.
Rodrigo Lozano and Jordi Llobet have finished the initial phase of the Graphical Assessment of Sustainability in Universities (GASU) 2011 for the University of Leeds sustainability report

We are now working on DORSA which assesses the performance of companies producing sustainability reports. The database is on the way, a few more changes and we're good to go.
We're also developing a new project, based on the Multi-dimensional Sustainability Influence Change (MuSIC) memework, which is designed to assess the barriers and strategies to change for companies, in regards to individuals, groups, and the organisations itself, including their different attitudes. The project will also assess the drivers to change, and which other ones could be used to push the company towards becoming more sustainability oriented.