Rodrigo Lozano is the Managing Director.

Rodrigo has been working with Sustainability for over 10 years. He has expertise on change management for Sustainability, leadership for Sustainability, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Development in Higher Education, Sustainability assessment and reporting, collaboration for SD, workshop facilitation, educating educators, and network map analysis.

Currently, in addition to being the Managing Director of Organisational Sustainability, he is working as a programme manager and lecturer at the Sustainability Research Institute at Leeds University.

Some of Rodrigo’s past projects include: assessing the curricula contribution of Cardiff University to sustainability; developing the content of Cardiff University sustainability webpage; facilitation for the BRASS centre, Cardiff University; staff and students training (at the BRASS Centre, Cardiff University); air conditioning systems, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality; e-learning and knowledge management transfer; mass transfer and energy efficiency in a lead smelting company; maintenance supervisor in a sugar cane mill; and simulation of an oil refinery.

Rodrigo is the author of the Sustainability Tool for Auditing UNiversity Curricula in Higher-Education (STAUNCH ®), the GRaphical Assessment of Sustainability Performance (GRASP©) tool, and the Graphical Assessment for Sustainability in Universities (GASU©) tool.
Rodrigo holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering (graduated with honours) from Monterrey Tec, Mexico; a MSc in Environmental Management and Policy, from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economies (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden; and a PhD on organizational change management for Corporate Sustainability at Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. 

He has international experience presenting for diverse audiences in France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, and the U.S.A. He has worked and studied in Austria, El Salvador, Hungary, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK.

On his free time, Rodrigo enjoys cycling and walking in the mountains, fencing, getting to know other cultures, and discussing philosophical topics over a nice cup of coffee.
Francisco Lozano is Director of Operations and Processes.
Francisco has over 35 years of professional experience in directing and managing groups at production level, as well as at the administrative, research and development levels, with nearly nine years as a General Manager, and over 17 years at Monterrey Tec, with roles such as Director of the Centre for Clean Technology, Director of the Centre for Environmental Quality, Director and Professor in the Chemical Engineering Faculty, and Director for the Sustainable Campus Programme.

During his research and teaching work Francisco has been in charge of Environmental Assessment Audits, Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Risk Analyses, Clean Technology Development, as well as directing the project laboratories, and M.Sc. thesis supervision.

Some of Francisco’s past projects include: Decaffeination process, called "Natural Process" that was carried out to obtain decaffeinated coffee beans; participation in project engineering for bidding primary wastewater treatment plants, as well as secondary wastewater treatment plants.

Francisco received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College of Science and Technology, England; and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, England.

Francisco has been acting as a Review Board referee for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal. Also acting as a Review Board referee for the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, and reviewer for the Journal of Cleaner Production. He’s also been on the review panels for the Environmental Management for Sustainable Universities, and the Engineering Education for Sustainable Development conferences.