Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability addresses the dynamic interactions among the economic, environmental, and social impacts, and interactions in the short, medium and long-term. We strive to achieve this through ethical, transparent, responsible, and accountable incorporation into operations, the institutional framework and strategies, decision-making, voluntary practices, and company culture. For this we actively and responsibly engage with internal, external, social, and non-social stakeholders, and synergistically consider issues of competitiveness, ecological impact, and human development.

We differentiate CSR from CS. CSR for us is related to altruism and philanthropy, it does not explicitly mention the environment in the term, and many definitions and interpretations have appeared during the years, which tend to increase confusion when trying to apply it in practice.

Corporate system:
  • Operations and production
  • Management and strategy
  • Organisational systems
  • Procurement and marketing; and
  • Assessment and communication.

To achieve this we rely on collaboration with other organisations we follow the Japanese philosophy of Kyosei that means “spirit of collaboration”, and has five stages:

Stage 1. Economic survival

Stage 2. Collaborating with labour

Stage 3. Collaborating outside the company

Stage 4. Global collaboration

Stage 5. The government as a Kyosei partner

Traditionally, Kyosei has been applied to social relationships, for us it also includes the environment, and the time dimension, as to better contribute to Sustainability. ASSESSMENT AND REPORTING CHANGE MANAGEMENT