• Our motto

    Tempus fugit, sed festina lente

  • About us

    We are a trans-disciplinary international team dedicated to helping organisations incorporate and institutionalise Sustainability

  • Our philosophy

    Pursue the Two-Tiered Sustainability Equilibria (the dynamic interactions among economic, environmental, and social dimensions of today, tomorrow, and future generations) through collaboration, changes in attitudes, and respect to nature and societies.

  • Our aim

    To raise awareness and help organisations plan change to contribute to making societies more sustainable.

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Organisational Sustainability is dedicated to helping organisations incorporate and institutionalise Sustainability into their strategic management, systems and culture.

Sustainability In Practise

Sustainable Development

We consider Sustainability to address a dynamic and simultaneous Two-Tiered Sustainability Equilibria (TTSE): The first one amongst economic,...

Corporate Sustainability

Addresses the dynamic interactions among the economic, environmental, and social impacts, and interactions in the short, medium and long-term. We...

Sustainability in Higher education

We acknowledge that the future leaders, decision-makers, and intellectuals of the formed and shaped within the world’s higher education...

Sustainability Reporting

We have developed a range of tools to assess and report sustainabilty performance for companies and universities. Our tools use a combination of...

We have identified 240 university degrees teaching sustainability. Click here to download the list.